Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I am a mother!


Remember my last post? It was about a year ago. And it was just an update on my latest status as a wife. That was all i wrote in 2014 haha. Then this website became a site filled with spider webs (afterall it is a WEBSITE)

And now i am writing to update my current status! I'm a mother now can you believe that? My left hand is rocking my baby to sleep and my right hand is typing for this long abandoned blog. My husband said i should start writing again. I can start off with something rubbish and boring like this and then slowly reaching my old standard or even better.

Since i am still in my long holiday and waiting for my extended leave to get approved so yeah writing is what i should fill my time with.

So far i am getting better at handling baby. So much exciting things to learn and so many interesting experiences. When i told my mom that i am extending my maternity leave, my mom told me not to stay in maternity leave forever. Haha.. Well i am inclined to that mind you. It is hard hard for me to juggle between roles. It is even harder when i work 90km from home. I better not start whining on that because it will bring us nowhere hihi

I havent write for so long and i dont know where to start. Please excuse my broken language too. And if my writing is too complicated for you please leave this site ASAP. I am not going to be responsible for god-knows-what might come to you.

All right lets get back to bussiness which is not even a bussiness hoheh

I gave birth to my little son on the 24th of November 2014. Well November is officially called Lovember for me because it is a month full of love. It is a month of our anniversary, my hubby's birthday and my dear son's birthday. Back to my story, my son was born 2.5kg  on Monday, at 9.35 am (the time i was born as well- waktu dhuha). It was a normal delivery, but on induction. Because i started leaking liquor about 3 days before delivery. So i was induced once. Was about to get induced for the 2nd time when the doctor found that my cervix has opened 3cm and my liquor was gushing out like crazy upon vaginal examination. 3 hours later i was sent to the labour room with cervix opening around 6 cm and an hour and a half later i gave birth to a cute little baby. Alhamdulillah the pain was not long for me and i had my husband and my senior in the labor room, conducting my delivery.

So right after delivery my baby had to be sent to neonatal ward for further assessment and to complete his   antibiotic course. Because i had a leakage prior to delivery, my baby might get some infections inside the womb so he was given antibiotic through me. A day later he was discharged and we brought him home. Beforehand, i had my first sesi berurut bertungku semua tu. I really enjoyed the pampering i had on my body hehe.. The first night when my baby came home, he cried throughout the night. I had no sleep at all phew..i thought my breastmilk might not be enough so he cried out of hunger. Little that i know that his stomach was actually too small and needed frequent feeding. Due to my lack of knowledge, i agreed to my mom to give him formula milk *reluctantly*...insyaAllah i'll write more on breastfeeding in the next entry. Its a pretty long story haha

I stayed in terengganu with my hubby n my mom for 9 days and then we flew to nilai, my hometown. We went back to KT after my confinement period ended. It was tough at first to live with the baby without my mom's help. But i coped well alhamdulillah. We named our son Hariz. Yup Hariz je. So i wont waste my time writing his name in the future haha and afterall we tend to call for short name kan..

Hariz is going to be 3 months old in less than 2 weeks. And i have left my old self for almost 3 months jugak. I can say that i have lost myself, i have no me-time, i am a new person. Haha mcm scary je kn. i miss going to spa, shopping n dating with husband but at the moment memang kena lupakan keinginan2 itu. I even sacrificed my half year job performance by extending my maternity leave just to put my 100% commitment into my new little family. I also started talking in weird language and thinking in different wavelength besides having new interest in parenting and baby stuff. I'll write more about those things. Stay tuned heheh.. 

Oh man..It took hours for me to finish this entry because i had to entertain hariz in the middle. Till the next post
                                     Thats me multitasking. And thats my new workstation :p

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