Thursday, December 27, 2012

E noho ra, Aotearoa

Assalamualaikum! This is my last post from New Zealand. Sobs terasa sungguh sedih. Entah bila akan sampai lagi ke sini. Orang cakap, nanti datang la lagi, bercuti or berbulan madu. Well, saya telah berazam setelah bergaji I wont set my footstep overseas selagi kaki ini tidak menjejak tanah suci dahulu. So really, tak tahu bila akan sampai lagi.

New Zealand has been a dream came true to me. I never knew this land with long white clouds until I reached here. I wont forget the long white clouds that fill the sky. I will never forget the crisp clear blue sky when the weather's really good. I will never forget the sheep who keep grazing on the super green grass. I will long for the light touch of snow when they fall down. I will remember the four seasons I got in one day. I will certainly miss the fresh milk, the cheap as baking needs, the juicy summer fruits and feijoa, the friendly and lovely people, the hillside view, the steep streets, the breathtaking landscapes and amazing architectures, and many many more. *feels like crying here*

I'm going home for good now *insert chorus 'Home' by Daughtry'*

And life wont get easier at home too. I am a career woman now (oh. sudah dewasa. i used this reason to throw away all my beloved clothing just to fit my 20kg baggage allowance--ie. pakaian2 tu macam budak2, so xperlu sayang untuk membuangnya)

So till we meet again NZ. Dan selamat tinggal kepada kehidupan riang bersama rakan-rakan. I will miss my housemates and my secondary housemates (warga 79A York Place, 75F York Place Housemates aka Geng Dunedin)

Ok tak boleh tulis lama-lama dan feeling lebih-lebih. I'm leaving on a jet plane in less than 4 hour. And just decided to write a final post from here.

Assalamualaikum! E noho ra, Aotearoa (translation: goodbye NZ--in maori)