Thursday, May 30, 2013


yesterday i took some time to look at my shoes
and my thought goes beyond just the physical look of the shoes
ever heard of "try putting yourself in her shoes"?
or something like "walk a mile in her shoes"?

i wondered why shoes?
to feel what others feel, must we walk in her shoes?
why not a dress or a pair of pants perhaps?
or cant we just walk in our shoes
which have the same size, shape and brand with the others?

then i walked with my shoes on
walked as far as i want to
i walked on the road, on the grass, on the tiles
i went up the stairs, down the stairs and took an elevator

today i change my shoes
it is quite a new pair of shoes
i do what i did the day before
and it definitely feels different

now i understand
shoes are not just for display
its not just the matter of wearing them
but to walk in them

that is why we must put ourselves in other's shoes
for us to understand others
and to feel what it is like to be them

shoes came from different materials
made by different ways
they can be factory made or hand made
they came with different size and shape
and different care instructions

shoes meant a lot to people
they protect the feet
they can affect your posture
a whole day walking in a wrong pair of shoes
can make you suffer until a few days after
old shoes wont feel as comfortable as a new ones
but old shoes wont give the same excitement as new shoes

to people
the shoes they are walking in
have different stories
give different feelings
and bring different meaning

Even we wear the same size of shoes
the feeling is different
Scholl size 4 wont be as same as Vincci size 4
and Vincci size 4 wont be as same as Vincci size 8

east coast malaysia

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[rebel mode: on]

buka FB, so much negative aura. benci kaum lain, benci kaum sendiri, benci parti lain, benci kerajaan, benci pembangkang, benci SPR, itu tak kena ini tak kena, so many complaints. i cannot take it anymore, i decided to run. sebelum saya terkena virus benci, i better equip myself with love and compassion. sebelum saya menjadi manusia yang gemar menyalahkan, i better make myself better. it is true internet gives you more freedom to seek information but too much info will just make you confuse and PLUS too much berita-berita berbaur fitnah dan tidak pasti kesahihan cerita. even pictures and videos can tell lies nowadays. maka seperti pemuda al-kahfi, i am going to run to my cave.

i want to live in real word
and set myself free from any negativity
i am going to my cave
and doing my own sweet thing

i will be back
with more positivity
and i'll make it contagious
i hate hatred
and i just want spread love
and for that,
i need my own time

may Allah fill my heart with love and compassion
may Allah give peace in my mind
may Allah surround me with positive people
may Allah assist me towards positive changes
may Allah bless me and grant me His jannah

ameen ya rabb.

Friday, May 3, 2013


danger is coming on our way
but the deluded people
because they are so deluded
the warning is ignored
the warning became a joke
something to laugh at

the signs of danger are becoming clear
so clear that you can even touch them
but delusion making them blind
they refused to touch them

is this delusion?
or deception?
or is it just ego?
for personal reason?
or for general reason?

i see my world spinning
the light is taken away from me
the burden is too heavy
so i just fall asleep

i wake up
and today is jumaah
let's recite al-kahf
with pure intention
and with sincere prayer
may all of us
be protected from the lies
from being deceived
and from walking and staying in delusion

my prophet once said
"ask Allah for protection from al-masih ad-dajjal"
in this world of confusion
i believe wherever or whoever he is
he is working around us
making its way to victory

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

let us spread love, my brother and sisters

i love PAS
i love IKRAM
i love ABIM
i love ISMA

due to my awareness of different jemaah in malaysia, and my high curiosity, i jalan2 cari makan nak cuba jemaah itu ini. i've been in all those jemaah before and currently in one of them and i love them all.

and i love other jemaah too like HALUAN, Tabligh etc. etc..UMNO dikira jemaah ke? i wont count it as jemaah but i love it too because i believe dalam UMNO pun ada orang yang betul2 ikhlas berjuang like my grandfather. i hope throughout my whole life i won't speak bad about them unless they go kufr. i hope i dont spread hatred among them. i wish i can spread love in between them. love and only love.

If we disagree  let us argue in a good way and not fighting each other. why must we spread hatred? our situation is already worse and why must we make it worsen? Remember, Allah will not grant us true victory if we are dividing.

i keep reminding myself, jemaah hanyalah alat. akidah kita islam, bukannya jemaah. at times, i disagree with my jemaah but i don't have to agree with everything for me to be in that jemaah. we all have our own mind and we think differently. i choose which jemaah i can work best and has the least conflict with my own thinking. since we all think differently that's why Allah gave us the heart and placed our iman/faith inside the heart so that when all of us think differently, we still can unite at heart.

at times i disagree with other jemaah too but that is not a valid reason for me to hate them. that is also not a valid reason for me to badmouth or tell others to hate that jemaah too. we need each other. try to think as if we are in one family. the bond will never break no matter how hard we fought. we still need each other. therefore don't waste your time in fighting each other. i believe there will come a day when we will seek help among us and insya Allah we will unite soon. pray for unity among all the muslims across the world.

saya personally rasa sekarang ni masalah kita bukanlah corruption, crime ape sume tu. tapi masalah paling besar sekarang ialah soal akidah dan ukhuwwah. bila akidah tak kuat, maka terjadilah kefasikan. bila ukhuwwah rendah, pun terjadilah kefasikan. maka, marilah berukhuwwah merentasi jemaah/parti kerana ukhuwwah teras kegemilangan. dan marilah selamatkan akidah ummah.