Thursday, May 30, 2013


yesterday i took some time to look at my shoes
and my thought goes beyond just the physical look of the shoes
ever heard of "try putting yourself in her shoes"?
or something like "walk a mile in her shoes"?

i wondered why shoes?
to feel what others feel, must we walk in her shoes?
why not a dress or a pair of pants perhaps?
or cant we just walk in our shoes
which have the same size, shape and brand with the others?

then i walked with my shoes on
walked as far as i want to
i walked on the road, on the grass, on the tiles
i went up the stairs, down the stairs and took an elevator

today i change my shoes
it is quite a new pair of shoes
i do what i did the day before
and it definitely feels different

now i understand
shoes are not just for display
its not just the matter of wearing them
but to walk in them

that is why we must put ourselves in other's shoes
for us to understand others
and to feel what it is like to be them

shoes came from different materials
made by different ways
they can be factory made or hand made
they came with different size and shape
and different care instructions

shoes meant a lot to people
they protect the feet
they can affect your posture
a whole day walking in a wrong pair of shoes
can make you suffer until a few days after
old shoes wont feel as comfortable as a new ones
but old shoes wont give the same excitement as new shoes

to people
the shoes they are walking in
have different stories
give different feelings
and bring different meaning

Even we wear the same size of shoes
the feeling is different
Scholl size 4 wont be as same as Vincci size 4
and Vincci size 4 wont be as same as Vincci size 8

east coast malaysia

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