Friday, May 3, 2013


danger is coming on our way
but the deluded people
because they are so deluded
the warning is ignored
the warning became a joke
something to laugh at

the signs of danger are becoming clear
so clear that you can even touch them
but delusion making them blind
they refused to touch them

is this delusion?
or deception?
or is it just ego?
for personal reason?
or for general reason?

i see my world spinning
the light is taken away from me
the burden is too heavy
so i just fall asleep

i wake up
and today is jumaah
let's recite al-kahf
with pure intention
and with sincere prayer
may all of us
be protected from the lies
from being deceived
and from walking and staying in delusion

my prophet once said
"ask Allah for protection from al-masih ad-dajjal"
in this world of confusion
i believe wherever or whoever he is
he is working around us
making its way to victory

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